The Modern Business Network

The modern business network generally consists of one or more servers (sometimes racks full of them), which store the company's data and provide services to the desktop-client computers such as centralized file and print services, fax and modem-pooling, email, and internet access. Increasingly, specialized business phone systems are being replace with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) hardware, so your networking equipment may extend to your phone system as well. Connecting all of this together is your networking hardware, consisting of your hubs/switching equipment, routers, and cabling. On top of your network reside your application software: Accounting, Inventory, Job Cost, Purchase Orders, Payroll, and about a dozen other applications individual to your particular business. By using one company to maintain your hardware, network, and applications, you can avoid the pass-the-buck syndrome so commonly seen when some obscure, challenging issue arises.

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