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Atlantis Consulting has extensive experience setting up Internet and Intranet infrastructures. Behind every Internet presence is a network of servers which allow its services to be located, utilized, secured, and monitored. Behind the scenes, there is the specialized equipment which connects the site to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). At Atlantis, we have worked with equipment from most of the major CSU/DSU, routing, and switching equipment vendors, including Cisco, Bay, LarsComm, Cray, Intel, Linksys, D-Link, and others.

In 1995, Atlantis Consulting founder Marc Skarshinski, setup his first Internet server, a DNS (Domain Name Service) server named This server, a Linux-based server running BIND (Berkeley Internet Name-Service Daemon), ran faithfully for many years and was soon followed by Next came, a Linux server which provided 8 dialup modem lines, putting NetTek, Inc. on the map as a small, but true ISP (Internet Service Provider). Later that year, came online, a server that eventually hosted a dozen web sites. Around this same time, was created, a Linux-based SOCKS proxy server which allowed a dialup modem connection to be shared to a small office network. The next challenges came in the form of providing POP (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) services and was born. Since Internet Email is one of Achilles heels of security, a program called qmail was recruited to provide these services. It is far better than any of the alternative SMTP packages, Windows-based or Linux based, and has excellent add-in support. All these years later, qmail is still Atlantis Consulting's mail server of choice. In addition to qmail, we install djbdns, by the same author, for DNS services.

Atlantis also installs DHCP, News, WINS, monitoring servers, remote control servers, VPN (Virtual Private Networking) servers, you name it, we've probably installed it, and possibly run it in-house. Atlantis Consulting also has extensive experience installing Microsoft solutions, including IIS for web services, Exchange Server for SMTP, POP, and IMAP services, and Microsoft's DNS, DHCP, WINS services.

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