Financial Software

Having worked for almost five years in writing asset management software and helper applications for both SS&C's CAMRA 2000® product and a true-SQL Portfolio Management system now owned by Advent®, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge of the business processes, database organization, and interfacing requirements.

We have created software for nightly process batching and status reporting (via email, pager, or web-site), and written improved interfacing software for porting trades between SS&C's CAMRA® Portfolio Management product and their Antares® trading module. In addition, we also wrote a product for warehousing data from CAMRA's PowerFlex® database to Microsoft SQL server® using Microsoft's Data Transformation Services® allowing advanced data processing capabilities not possible using the native PowerFlex file-based database.

Atlantis Consulting can put this knowledge to work for your company to improve your data flow while minimizing human intervention

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